Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Something wicked this way comes -- Tooele's pet purge

KSL is reporting that the city of Tooele has too much taxpayer money and time on its hands. Fortunately, Debra Bush, an employee at Tooele's animal shelter, figured out one way to kill some time (and animals). According to KSL, Ms. Bush came up with a great idea: Let's have animal control go door to door enforcing a 2-pet limit that hasn't been enforced in 13 years.

This is not a joke. This woman actually works at the animal shelter -- you know, the place that puts dogs and cats to sleep -- yet thinks it would be good to start cracking down on all over-the-limit pet owners, regardless of whether the pets have caused any problems, regardless of whether they are spayed and neutered, and regardless of whether any neighbors -- the people who would know and care the most -- object to them. That'll show those responsible pet owners!

How will Ms. Bush fill her time until those wanted pets start showing up for her to kill? Setting up a new website, maybe. No More Home The Inhumane Society? Society for the Perpetuation of Cruelty to Animals? Or how about:


Sandy Hansen said...

Uintah County, as the recipient of more than $30 million in federal mineral lease money, $600,000+ of which funds our animal shelter (more than double its pre-mineral lease money budget) has also enacted ordinances and policies targeting companion animals. A local rescue group used to transport 350-500 of our homeless dogs to Boulder, Colorado, each year, thereby sparing the critters' lives. Our new Dog Nazi (shelter executive director) discovered an unenforced Colorado law that requires dogs coming into the state to have a rabies vaccination. Never mind that the veterinarian in charge of enforcing the Colorado law expressly stated that she has no problem with our rescue group importing dogs from our shelter to the shelter in Boulder without a rabies shot (because Boulder vaccinates them shortly after the dogs' arrival), the Dog Nazi prefers to kill the dogs rather than have them find homes. Some people suck!

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