Friday, June 22, 2007 racism (

We usually stick to Utah topics, but every once in a while something leaps out at us. Over the past nine months, it has become apparent to us that is, well, we hate to say it, but racist. Check the site daily and you'll need therapy notice that is the Lifetime Movie Network of the news, devoting disproportionate bandwidth to stories about white women in peril, i.e., white women who are: 1) missing, and/or 2) murdered. If a white woman has gone missing in the United States, especially an attractive and/or pregnant and/or married one, FoxNews has plastered her on its home page, often for days on end. Earlier this year, for example, it featured a missing Tennessee dispatcher every day for a week, usually alerting us that no new clues had been uncovered yet in her case.

Women of color? They don't go missing, apparently, except one African American pre-med student who vanished weeks ago and was mentioned only in passing on Fox--no room for a feature photo, alas. That's not to say that women of color are never interesting to readers. Heck, one actually appeared on its home page just a couple of days ago:

The lesson: Missing women of color? Boring! Neglectful women of color? Fascinating.

P.S. If you click on the Fox screencap (for full-size) and scan the list of stories that didn't warrant prime space, you might notice a small mention of something involving the war. Unlike Fox News, missed the big stories of the day, focusing instead on the yawner that a dozen more U. S. soldiers had been killed:

Dead soldiers? Meh.* Give me a missing white woman any day.

(*In response to an inquiry, this explains the origin and meaning of "meh.")

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