Sunday, June 24, 2007

Green Camry 682 PFC, you are an idiot (8 minutes in a drive thru)

Nothing relevant tonight, just petty rambling and mild satisfaction at overcoming an aversion to taking pictures of people who might see me.

Leaving work at 7:35 p.m., not bad for a Sunday since I usually procrastinate until then. There being almost nowhere to eat downtown on Sunday any more and the candy machine being on the blink, an idea springs to mind as the McDonald's comes into view. This one is speedy; in the mornings, you barely have to apply your brakes.

"Large fry." Yes, that's all. "First window, please." Cruising toward said window, I press the CD button.

Thank you India
Thank you terror
Thank you disillusionment
As always, I smile when I hear the song, thinking about the French & Saunders parody ("Thank you glossary. Thank you diction'ry. Bless you thesaaaaaaaaaurus . . . ."). Fourth in line, huh? Oh, well. In the distance, Car 1 gets his order but has a question, evidently. The drive-thru employee moves his mike out of the way and leans out the window to hear better.

What the heck? Did the Green Camry in front of me just honk at them? Granted, nobody wants to sit here, but surely a customer is entitled to check his order. Everything must be okay; there he goes. Gleefully, Camry screeches forward past Window 1. Great; they must have paid already--oops, no, they just went too far. They haven't even ordered yet, apparently, or else they've decided to change it. They're reciting the Gettysburg Address to Attendant 1. The driver has turned off the car. The front passenger opens her door.

And Car 2 is off! A long post-Camry line has now formed, though. Well, isn't it ironic--ew, gross! A guy in the back has just stuck his head out the window and hacked a loogey onto the ground. Really looking forward to those fries now.

I ought to take their picture, I think. That'd show 'em! I look halfheartedly for my camera, knowing that I will wimp out and not do it, as usual.

Now Camry wants Attendant 1 to fill his or her cup from an earlier visit. They'll do that at the next window, Employee tries to explain. Good luck.

I can't find my camera, anyway, so it's a moot--oh, there it is. I could take a photo. But what if they notice and assume I have a nefarious motive? I am trapped in this line, after all. What was that movie where the guy escaped by getting the guy chasing him stuck in the drive thru? It wasn't crappy enough to be a TV movie, although not all TV movies are bad, I guess, like that one with--

Camry starts the car again (I can see it's a woman now), and zooms up to Window 2. HONK HONK HONK! She has started honking for the attendant before the car has even come to a stop. You have got to be kidding.

As Camry and Attendant 2 discuss trade relations with China, out comes the camera. You can do this. Quit being a wimp. Pretend that you're bored and just testing the thing. Come on; it's the principle of the thing . . .

Click! Yea! Just in time, too. Camry has received her order, started the car yet again, and driven off into the sunset--after tossing her straw wrapper out the window. But that’s okay; I have a picture.


Allie said...

That's what you get for eating at McDonalds...


Allie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Voice of Utah said...

I know, I know--I was desperate! :-)

Anonymous said...

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