Saturday, June 16, 2007

Typical D-News, coddling scofflaw immigrants

This morning, we were shocked to see a blatantly pro-illegal-immigration headline in the Deseret Morning News. "Scot faces deportation," it read. 80-year-old Marguerite Grimmond was born in Detroit, but at the start of the Great Depression, 2-year-old Grimmond was illegally taken by her mother to Scotland. The British finally nabbed her this year when she brazenly traveled out of the country for the first time since 1929. Now she's all upset because, unless something happens, she will be deported later this month to the United States, of which she has no memory, and where she has no family or friends.

Now you can see our problem with the D-News headline: She isn't a "Scot," liberal headline writer, she's an "American." We don't care how long she's been leeching off that country, she (well, her mother) knew the risks and chose to flout the law anyway. Like murder, there is no statute of limitations on entering a country illegally. Deport her ass home to the U.S. where she belongs.

While we're at it, the D-News isn't the only coddler of illegal immigrants. (We don't know which immigrants are illegal or not, so if they don't speak English or they have ethnic-sounding names, we will apply a presumption that they are illegal. We learned that over on Grandmas Schmidt and Dunlop would roll over in their graves at what we saw last weekend while shopping.

If they don't speak English, why should we warn them that they might be mangled? Please, contact your nearest Church representative and tell them to stop allowing contractors on the downtown project to cater to 'them'.

And what about this? K-Mart is helping disabled people shop even if they don't speak English? Why should they even be allowed to shop in our stores, taking advantage of our blue-light specials?

This is America! We speak English here (sort of). So, let's not have any more of this:

And as for this:

We don't care whose little grandma she is--deport her ass.


oussan said...

My favorite is when Americans go abroad and expect the people of that country to speak American, too!

(Side-note: I'm actually writing this from South Korea.)

Voice of Utah said...

Well, I hope the people there are thoughtful enough to speak the right language for you. What are you doing in South Korea?