Tuesday, July 24, 2007

KSL Nightside is tapping my phone + an airport tip

Last night, while guest-hosting on KSL's Nightside Project, Jeff Bell read on the air an erudite, insightful comment from Voice of Utah. The topic isn't important. What is important is that, in responding to said comment, Ethan or Alex said, "Sounds like Voice of Utah has been spending too much time in French Canada." Well, guess where Voice of Utah is at this very moment (one of us, anyway)? That's right--French Canada. Yes, I am typing this post on a laptop retrieved from a drug-dog slathered computer case while surfing for English-language channels at one of plus de 130 hotels a travers le Canada.

Coincidence, or unFISA-authorized wiretapping by KSL? You be the judge.

P.S. Two tips for persons flying to Canada for the first time since the new rules:

(1) If you get to the Salt Lake airport an hour ahead of time, you do not have to sludge through the International line. You can use the regular kiosk and a regular Delta counter. Time savings: 25 minutes.

(2) It is illegal to take pictures in the immigration/baggage claim areas of a Canadian airport. However, if you appear sufficiently contrite, they will not confiscate your camera.


JM Bell said...

Mon Dieu! French Canada? Say hello to Hillary's Theme Song Mistress while you're there.

Voice of Utah said...

Oh, sure, act all surprised, Mr. Guest Host. (That was you, wasn't it? Couldn't tell with all the bleeps. "Hi, this is Jeff Bell, and you [bleep] with [bleep] [bleep]," etc.) Just remember, two can play at that game...