Monday, July 16, 2007

One problem LDS filmmakers don't have

Heard something interesting today via a former Hollywood casting director who is now a producer on a reality TV show. It began innocently enough with an observation that generally he does not like PG-13 movies. Is it because he likes his entertainment a bit edgier? No, that's not it, he says; it's because "You lose so much talent on PG-13s."

Really? Are there a lot of actors who won't do PG-13 movies? That seems counterintuitive, given that they sell better than Rs--hence all those films that are snipped and cut until they can squeeze into a 13.

No, that's not it, either, he says. It's not that actors won't appear; it's the four-letter problem. To keep its rating, a PG13 can feature only one or two "Cheneys," so to speak. The question thus arises: Who gets to drop the bomb? This, apparently, is an important issue to southern Californians. It is a heated subject of negotations. Some contracts contain an F-clause entitling the star to do the deed. Some actors blow up if their expletive is deleted. "On almost every PG13, someone walks off because of f---," he says.

In Hollywood, such a story generates a shrug. In Utah, such a story generates a dull stare of disbelief. Grown men and women actually feel so strongly about saying one naughty word that they'll quit a job if they can't? Only one word comes to mind when we hear that, and by golly, we're going to use it. Those guys are f--What? We can't say it on a PG blog? Forget it, then--we're out of here!


Anonymous said...

You can't, I can: Fuck

Alienated Wannabe said...

Oh, great! Now, you will never get them out of the trailor. Nice going anonymous. Duh!

Voice of Utah said...

LOL. (Sorry for the netspeak, but it seemed to fit.)