Friday, July 06, 2007

Utah Taxpayers (-funded-trip) Association

Well, our China 14 (now China 13, by the D-News' count) are off to Asia to foster world peace and boost Utah's economy. According to today's News article, legislators are imposing really high expectations on themselves for this taxpayer-funded trip:
"You have to take a long view on any relationship with a foreign country," said Senate Majority Leader Curt Bramble, R-Provo. Bramble, along with House Majority Leader David Clark, R-Santa Clara, are heading the delegation.

"We're not looking for an instant, immediate return. We're not looking at the success of this trip as whether we return with a sales order," Bramble said. "This will be successful if we are successful in establishing contacts and building relationships."
Translation: We may not accomplish anything, but by the time voters realize it, we'll all have been re-elected.

Irony of the Day: One of the jetsetting legislators is Sen. Howard Stephenson (R-Draper) of the Utah Taxpayers Association, the group that says it is opposed to wasting taxpayer dollars. Another junketeer is the aforementioned Rep. Clark, who was Utah Taxpayers Association Legislator of the Year in 2005. What's UTA's motto, "Do as I say, not as I do"?

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oussan said...

For a second there, that caption made me think it was a picture of Dave Checketts appearing before SLCo.