Thursday, July 26, 2007

Will SLC parking end up like this?

Still enjoying the hospitality of our northern neighbors, my colleague and I had to say "Eh?" when we pulled into an office tower parking garage and saw something unusual: Parking stalls that were two car lengths long, with this sign posted on every other pillar:

Edited to add: The second car boxes in the first car. When the first car wants to leave, the "security officer" will move the second car to let the first car out. I've seen this occasionally at a concert or something, but never in a regular parking lot. Being paranoid Americans and having observed the alleged security officer in action (one per parking level), we both had the same thought -- "We are not leaving the keys in this rental car" -- and we drove around until we found an empty first spot. Is this a Canadian thing, an out-of-space-city thing, or the wave of the future? Don't know, so we'll go for the default option: Damn Canadians.

(P.S. The pic is after the parking garage was closed.)


Misty Fowler said...

So, the sign was telling you to leave your keys in the ignition if you were in the rear spot, so that if the person in the front left, someone else could move your car forward and park where you were?

JM Bell said...

That's insane! The next thing you know, those crazy cannucks will try socialized medicine!

Voice of Utah said...

The sign meant to leave your keys in the ignition so that, if the front person wanted to leave (most cars in front positions ended up facing a wall), the security guy could move the second car so that the front car could get out.

Having observed the security guy in action, it seemed pretty easy for one person to distract him. For example, we sat there in the far end of the parking level for a minute with the car running before we decided what we were doing. The security guy walked all the way over to us -- thus leaving unattended all those cars with keys in the ignition -- to tell us not to leave the motor running because the garage would be overcome with fumes. While he was doing that, one or more people could simply go shopping for cars in the second position. At least that's how our devious minds read the situation.

Voice of Utah said...

JM, interesting that you mention it. When I arrived, a front-page story was about how many millions of dollars (now at 96% of the USD, incidentally, and rising) that Canadian taxpayers are spending to send high-risk pregnancy patients to the U.S. to give birth. The Canadian medical service said it just didn't have the staff/resources to provide the care itself. Interesting.