Saturday, August 18, 2007

2 questions about the salon killing in Glendale

The murder of Faviola Hernandez at her salon last week was tragic, one more blow in a hard week for Utahns. But as we follow media reports of it, two things have us wondering:

1. Did Hernandez pull a gun? And if so, did it have any effect on the outcome? Here's what the Trib has said in two different stories:
Faviola, 24, fell to the floor. Laura said she saw "blood everywhere" and her sister's gun by her side.
* * *
The man shot Hernandez with a silver handgun, killing her, and ran without taking money, police said. Witnesses said Hernandez was also armed but apparently did not shoot, although [police spokesperson] Bedard declined to confirm that.
There is no excuse for the attempted robbery or the killing, but police need to confirm whether Hernandez drew a weapon, and whether she aimed or fired it at the robbers. The police (and, of course, the gun nuts) like to point out when a citizen pulling a gun has a happy ending. If the drawing of a gun here led the robber to open fire, we need to hear that side of the story as well.

2. Do KSL copywriters need glasses? Here's what KSL said yesterday:

Police released the name of the second man they are looking for, and right now, he's just wanted for questioning. He is 19-year-old Miguel Mateos-Martinez. He resembles the suspect in a composite sketch, which police released yesterday.
He what? Here are the composite sketch and the suspect:

Not to make light of the situation, but as some KSL.commenters noted, the composite looks more like Curly from the Three Stooges or an Irish cop than the actual suspect. Of course, we don't really think KSL copywriters have impaired vision. Like other media, KSL has a tendency to simply parrot police statements as undisputed fact, even when they are iffy on their face. Come on, guys. How hard would it be for you to add "According to police," or "Police say that" before the "he resembles the suspect in a composite sketch" part?


Anonymous said...

I know this may have happend a while ago but im still interested in this case...get your facts strait befor you mention anything but the reason ksl announced Migule in the pictures compared to a composite drawing was because the witness in the shop knew it was him from the moment she saw the picture even before it came on the news and what if the victim was armed as well theres no law that says you cant be armed for protection, which in this case didnt help. maybe the outcome would have been differently or maybe his intensions were to kill her the question is Why? and where were the police? they didnt show until 20 mins after Favi was gone by then...

Anonymous said...

I say whoever wrote this bout needing glasses DUH!!! smart one the scetch picture is obviously not going to look exactly like the Suspect its a drawing... plus you think the witness that described him is going to remember exactly what he looked like while laying face down on the floor held at gun point... i think you should take more time in thinking bout what to write if your going to write about Faviola's case. It's not just something to talk about it's someones life, someones daughter, sister, friend, so consider that.

Anonymous said...

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