Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Matheson: You say 'maverick,' we say 'embarrassment'

This morning's Trib labels Jim Matheson (DR-Utah) a 'maverick' for, among other things, voting to authorize warrantless electronic surveillance of Americans and resisting reform of our national energy policy.

"I think people have figured out a long time ago that I vote on substance, not party," Matheson said Monday.

"I think people have figured out a long time ago that he votes on what will get him re-elected, not on substance," Voice of Utah said Tuesday.

Well, that's only partly true. He has always sided with big business on energy matters. It's just a bonus that he gets to tout that he voted with the GOP on it (That's WITH THE REPUBLICANS! NOT WITH NANCY PELOSI! Wayne County, are you listening?)


rmwarnick said...

Bush gets caught speeding. Democrats cordially offer to solve the problem by retroactively raising the speed limit. Bush says no, I want you to abolish speed limits entirely. Democrats say, OK, you're the boss.

Voice of Utah said...

We need national health care so that our Democratic Congress can all receive spinal injections.

JM Bell said...

There's no needle big enough for the injection needed.

Alienated Wannabe said...

Hey, if you Democrats don't want Matheson, tell him to come over to us Republicans. We'll take him!

No one is perfect, and no politician is ever going to agree with every position any one of us advocates all the time. (All the Republican members of our state's delegation have let me down one time or another, but I still largely support them for the good things they do.) Because of that, I have learned that I need to be patient and forgiving if I am going to survive being politically active. (The alternative being to pick-up my toys and run home crying -- and, don't think that I haven't considered it.)

From my position, I think you Democrats are lucky to have Matheson. Of course, I would rather have Enid Greene back in her rightful spot. But, I think it is obvious the Congressman is an honorable man, who, by following his conscience, has positioned himself as being formidably electable. It is hard for me not to admire and like the guy.

And, it is hard for me to understand how so many of you extremely smart Democrats -- none smarter than the two VoU's -- are so eager to undermine YOUR MAN! Would you rather have us Republicans send Merrill Cook back to Washington? Is that what you are trying to bring about?

Gee, thanks you guys! (Finally, I have figured it out JM Bell: Militant Progressive = Closet Far Right Conservative.)


L. Filson Durrant said...

I had the opportunity to sit next to the table of Rep. Matheson when we were invited to have lunch in the Congressional Capitol lunch room once. I did notice a few things. 1. The conversation he was having with the person sitting there with him was not really about anything. 2. He appeared to be eating a sandwhich consisting of nothing but white bread. 3. He passed on dessert.

Is this the sort of thing you are talking about?

Ben said...

Don't mean to be combatitive, but isn't this how the system is supposed to work? Maddison had this concept that with a two year term, that members of the House of Representatives would constantly be worried about getting re-elected and thus be more likely to represent the interests of their district, regardless of their personal views or party lines. Matheson wants to get re-elected in a conservative state. Can you blame him? He is quite possibly trying to be "as democrat as he can get away with" and still get re-elected. Senators have much more freedom to act "according to principle." This was all foreseen and intentional in the constitutional formation of the bicameral legislative system.