Monday, September 17, 2007

Cal Rampton's favorite joke

We don't know if this was really Governor Rampton's favorite joke, but that's what we were told at one of the last functions that he and Lucybeth attended before her death in 2004. It's a good one, and the Governor re-told it at the event. It went something like this:

A man lived his entire life as a diehard, yellow dog Democrat. Shortly before his death, though, he suddenly switched parties, registering as a Republican.

People who knew him were shocked. "Why did you do that?" they asked.

"So that when I die, there will be one less Republican," he replied.
Rest in peace, Governor.

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Misty Fowler said...

Not being a native Utahn, I have heard a little about Governor Rampton, but have had no experience with him personally. I've heard a lot of great things about him today throughout the blogosphere, but this is the one that will always make me remember him. RIP, Governor Rampton. God Bless.