Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hillary to Utah: This is the place

Once the proverbial red-headed stepchild of the national Democratic party, our pretty, great state is now the place to be for Democratic presidential candidates, who have finally realized that some Utahns not only have a modicum of interest in who the president of our nation is, but also have that thing called "cash."

"Who knew?" said Howard Dean, chair of the Democratic National Committee. "The last data we had on Utah was the 1880 census, which didn't really give us the whole picture."

Our latest coup: The big cheesette herself, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is Beehive bound on October 23.

Advisors said the candidate is excited about her upcoming visit. "I've been intrigued by Utah ever since I heard rumors of its existence last summer," Clinton said. "Now it's like one of those songs you can't get out of your head, you know, like 'Having My Baby.'"

Clinton added, "I promise that, if elected, I will work hard to get a Democratic member of Congress elected in the State of Utah."

Who do we write the check to?


JM Bell said...

Don't mistake Hillary with the DNC. The DNC is spending quite a lot of money at the State Party, while Hillary just doesn't seem to give a shit.

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