Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rep. Clark's Voucher-Tourette's Syndrome

In this morning's D-News, Rep. Phil Riesen (D-Salt Lake) accuses House Majority Leader Dave Clark (R-Santa Clara) of saying that a United Way health care proposal may fail in the 2008 Legislature if leading businesses don't support vouchers. Apparently, Clark happened to mention the two concepts in close succession at a United Way subcommittee meeting last month that was unrelated to vouchers (or so they thought), and can't for the life of him figure out why people took it as a threat:
"It was not my intent to tether those two issues together," said Clark, the second most powerful Republican in the Utah House. "I've never had (such) a conversation with a colleague. It has not been a part of any (GOP) leadership conversation — tying health care and vouchers together," said Clark Monday. And he personally does not tie the two issues together, Clark added. "But I do think that those are all relevant issues for discussion."
And discussion in the same sentence, even!

We're sure that Clark wasn't threatening or predicting retaliation if vouchers are rejected by Utah voters. After all, didn't Senate president John Valentine recently assure us that GOP legislators weren't going to be mean to people (any more) just because they disagreed? It must have been sheer coincidence that vouchers popped into Clark's head at the exact instant that people were talking about a health care proposal. It's "Voucher-Tourette's Syndrome": A GOP legislator is talking about health insurance or day care when suddenly he blurts out "Vouchers!" mid-sentence. Poor guy. It's not like he can help himself.

P.S. We would have asked the man himself what words were uttered, but alas, Rep. "Alberto" Clark "doesn't recall exactly" what he said. Bummer. We're sure that would have cleared it right up.

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