Friday, October 05, 2007

Buhler eliminates our only reservation about Becker

A while back, we offered some unsolicited advice to Ralph Becker: Don't be mushy. Our capital city needs a mayor who won't kowtow to our state legislature, even when there may be negative consequences. (The Beehive motto: "Legislate and retaliate.") VOU2's concern was that Becker was so used to being browbeaten in the legislature that he would just "roll over" for them.

We're not worried about that any more. Becker may not be Rocky Balboa, but with him we only fear that he will be too conciliatory toward the legislature. With Buhler, it's a certainty. He has essentially said as much by touting his success in getting bills through as a legislator, and slamming Becker's alleged lack thereof. What Buhler may not realize is just how skeptical voters are toward our legislature these days. For example, one friend's wife -- a diehard Republican and straight-ticket GOP voter -- is "so mad" at our legislature that she said she is considering voting for a Democrat for the first time in her life.

By touting his ability to gladhand with his legislative pals, rather than reassuring us that he can and will buck them when needed, Buhler has sealed the deal for us. Go Ralph!


Alienated Wannabe said...


Quick! Give me the name and contact information of your friend's wife! She needs emergency reprogramming . . . now!

Voting for a Democrat, even once, can leave permanent scarring -- I am still trying to recover from once crossing over to support Wayne Owens. And, I still struggle with the constant temptation not to do the same with Matheson. Trust me, the woman needs help.

Seriously, what is it that has her so upset? She hasn't been reading your blog has she? Haven't you told her not to believe everything she reads, or laughs at?

C'mon guys, don't defile a perfectly innocent, clean-voting-record Republican like her. Such individuals need to be treasured and protected.


Alienated Wannabe said...


I like both Buhler and Becker. I suspect that the city and the state would be well served by either of them.

And, the Utah Legislature is not evil. There are many fine people working therein. Just ask Ralph.

So, please go easy with our sensitive Republican feelings. You don't want us to cry ourselves to sleep each night because you have been too harsh in your criticisms do you?

I didn't think so.


Voice of Utah said...

Heck, you guys won't miss one little vote... (And alas, I can't take credit; I haven't told her about the blog. Let's just say that she is angry about some of the legislature's priorities.)

Buhler would be a capable mayor, and was always one of our top 3 choices. But yes, I am concerned about his relationship with other legislators. It's funny. We didn't used to be so annoyed with our legislature. 10 years ago -- heck, even 5 years ago -- we did not harbor these ill feelings. We also like overall (although often disagree with) a number of GOP legislators, e.g., Bell, Allen, Valentine, and have supported GOP candidates, so it's not strictly a party thing either.

Over time, though, some things have generated negative feelings, such as: (1) the "message" bill stuff, especially that free-for-all two sessions ago (which, incidentally, is what started my friend's wife on the path to darkness); (2) the back-door deals, e.g., RSL; and (3) the retaliation. In one unpublicized instance a few years ago, a legislator demanded a meeting with a friend of mine about a position that my friend took that was inconsistent with the legislator's personal view. (Sorry to be vague, but there's that risk-of-retaliation thing again.) When my friend refused to change his decision, the legislator said he was going to cut funding on something else that he knew my friend was personally interested in. That kind of thing really gets one's goat.

I thought things might improve when Sen. Valentine said recently that the legislature shouldn't be retaliating against people (or words to that effect). But since then, we've seen at least one instance of what appeared to cross that line. As an average citizen, it really makes me see, er, red.

If our legislators went a respectable period of time without any reported instances of retaliation, our views would soften. But until then, I'm sorry, we'll continue to tar the whole GOP-controlled body with the same feather.

The Independent Mormon said...

I totally understand why people hate the Utah GOP legislature. But Ralph showed us only that he could grandstand on the issues, like introducing his much needed ethics reform year after year only for it to end in defeat. Dave wasn't your typical GOP crony but actually got things done there and was able to pursuade them to not take out their anti-Rocky feelings on all of Salt Lake.

I will probably vote for a number of Democrats, and I totally support removing the supermajority the GOP currently has, but don't take out those frustrations on Dave Buhler. This is supposed to be a non-partisan race, and he has proven he can get things done with both the crazy legislature and many of even the far left wing liberals. I don't dislike Ralph, but I have researched his record and while he has good ideas he has been beaten up by the GOP so much I don't think he knows how to impliment them.