Thursday, October 04, 2007

Happy blogoversary to us! and a bit of nostalgia

HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY TO US! (if we do say so ourselves)

It was one year ago today that Voice of Utah first dipped its toe into the warm waters of the Utah blogosphere. 214 posts later (including this one), we have really enjoyed our interaction with everyone, even those who put us in our place at times.

Feeling a bit nostalgic, we decided to reprint our very first attempt at a blog entry instead of trying to write something pertinent or interesting for the occasion. Granted, it's not terribly relevant now -- unless LaVar Christensen decides to run for Congress again (oh, please, oh, please!) -- but if the Philadelphia Eagles can wear those hideous retro uniforms from 1933, we can relive a retro post from 2006.

October 4, 2006

LaVar's Passion

The latest word in Utah's 2nd Congressional District race: According to that mouthpiece-of-the-Left Deseret News, incumbent Jim Matheson leads challenger LaVar Christensen by 36 points. How can that be? Matheson is an avowed Democrat (on paper, anyway). Christensen, on the other hand, is a tireless soldier in the war on Utah's very way of life.

The situation is dire.

Decisive action is needed.

Yet at times he must march alone...

He knows what voters want to know.

His work is never done.

LaVar Christensen: He'll work hard to save your marriage.


Alienated Wannabe said...

Dear VoU(s),

Congratulations on your completion of one very humorous year of blogging. You have, perhaps, the best developed sense of humor of any one of us in the Utah political blogosphere. (I only wish it wasn't directed against us Republicans.) I appreciated Lavar leading the fight in defense of traditional marriage. And, I voted for him, despite my respect of Jim Matheson. But, even a year later, your captions still make me laugh out loud. Too bad Letterman and Leno don't have someone as talented as you writing their material.

Take care, my friend.


JM Bell said...

I loved that one.

I also miss your old, pre-Blogger, layout :(

Oh, well, happy anniversary

The Senate Site said...

Happy Birthday, V of U.