Sunday, October 21, 2007

More voucher scandals, please

It has finally hit: voucher fatigue. I've read the articles, and the Sutherland Institute's educational press releases -- I particularly enjoyed the latest one, "Vote for Vouchers, PLEASE!" -- and watched the cutesy Eyres commercial, and skimmed the "I hope you die" "No, I hope you die" debates on, and . . . I can't take one more minute. I am overvouchered.

Granted, I do read the latest polls (over and over), but otherwise, I'm on voucher overload until it gets juicy again. Could we have more pay-per-voter e-mails, please, or secret propaganda meetings held by desperate legislators? My attention span is limited; I need an October Surprise.


Anonymous said...

Here is great response to the oreo ad: The REAL oreo voucher ad

Anonymous said...

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