Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some politically incorrect thoughts about Utah news items

This is what happens when a blogger is grouchy and the discretion filter is turned off.

Free parking coming back to downtown. Why would anyone in their right mind shop downtown these days? It's a ghost town with road closures, lousy parking, and no shopping. (I don't count The Gateway since I'm still boycotting it, but who wants open-air shopping in the winter anyway?) I don't shop downtown any more, and I work there.

Man rescued after being pinned under TRAX train. Apparently the idiot was trying to beat the train. Doofus. It's not like TRAX trains go on for miles. You have to wait, what, 45 seconds? If the state issued pedestrian licenses, this guy's would be yanked for sheer dumbness.

Deer hunter's death believed to be an accident. That's good, since KSL has been calling it an "accidental" shooting since its very first story. "William Short, 44, of Riverton, was shot in the stomach as a friend climbed a fence with a rifle slung over his back, the sheriff said. 'As he was going over the fence, he touched off the trigger and it shot his friend in the abdomen,' Edmunds said." Can't we institute an I.Q. test for hunting licenses? How many times have we heard about guns going off when someone is climbing over or through a fence with a bullet in the chamber? Sorry to sound unsympathetic to the guy who shot him, but, well, I'm unsympathetic.

Attempted abductions have authorities on high alert. Apparently, nearly being abducted is the thing to do these days; kids are reporting these (mostly unwitnessed) incidents with amazing frequency, and, at times, rather vague details. No doubt some are legitimate -- and horrifying -- but I admit that my first cynical thought when reading this was: Are all these abduction attempts real?

Governor highlighted in pro-voucher ad. Of course he is -- even the PR nightmare that is Parents for Choice in Education has figured out that people might actually like our governor. Rob Bishop is hardly an inspiring spokesman -- has the man done anything memorable the whole time he's been in Congress? -- and as for our esteemed legislature, it's amusing that references to that body are conspicuously absent from most PCE ads. If even PCE can figure out that voters are not enamored of our legislature, well, I'd like to see those approval numbers.

Romney says if elected, Church won't influence policies. Right.


Part of the Plan said...

Re: the accidental shooting. It was actually his friend who was the dumbass (climbing a fence with a loaded weapon, round in chamber, weapon not on safe). The only bad judgment the dead guy had was in choice of hunting partners. FWIW, though, this is exactly why I had to give up hunting. The Dumbass-To-Others ratio is now off the charts.

Jesse Harris said...

I saw that PCE ad last night and I was rather surprised that they didn't put together something that made me feel embarrassed for them. I had to do a double-take when I saw they paid for it.

Voice of Utah said...

Yeah, I actually meant that the friend who climbed over the fence was the dumbass. I tweaked the wording a bit to make that clearer.

rmwarnick said...

Something I was taught in the US Army: loaded or unloaded, never point a weapon at anyone you don't want to see dead.

Flatlander said...

I am shocked, shocked I say, at your comments about Sen. Rob ["Bush Lemming"] Bishop. You ask "has the man done anything memorable the whole time he's been in Congress? Have you forgotten so soon his courageous and lonely fight in the House to save us from having a Post Office in Pennsylvania named after Rachael Carson? I know I sleep better at night, confident that if some socialist tries to name a post office in Ohio or someplace after Euel Gibbons, Cong. Rob Bishop will be alert and ready to stand tall against the threat.