Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What's happened to Halloween? (and the 2 coolest decorations)

The VoU1 household had a whopping four sets of trick-or-treaters tonight. VoU2 didn't have any.

What has happened to this holiday? As a kid, I remember looking forward to it for a month. As an adult, I remember turning on the porch light, putting Monster Mash on continuous play, and worrying about running out of candy. Now I'm worried about eating all the candy that's left over.

Where have all the pirates and ballerinas and ghosts gone? Have parents gotten too paranoid? Are people too busy? Are they doing that lame "trunk or treat" thing? Are they more spoilsports health conscious?

At least some people still have the spirit. A lot of the decorations we saw this year were pretty cool. The best one we saw at a residence was on 78th South near 1300 East, which hosted literally dozens of these life-size stuffed zombies:

The best decorations we saw at a business were in the Fort Union Home Depot, which had do-it-yourself spiders, impaled workers, human-face doors, a mummy, and, in their most creative effort, the Headless Horseman:

Now that's more like it!


Davis Didjeridu said...

I experienced the same thing; it's because of trunk-or-treats. I'll let Holly Mullen explain.

Anonymous said...

I would say it's mostly the lame "Trunk or Treat" and the mall trick-or-treating sillyness. It's all about the efficiency and safety, you know... [rolls eyes]

Jesse Harris said...

For each of the last four Halloweens that I lived in Las Vegas, I never saw a single trick-or-treater at my door. I think there's more than trunk-or-treat going on.

Curmudgeon said...

We had our usual thundering herd here in Ogden. Stopped counting at seventy trick or treaters. Back in Louisiana six years ago, we got maybe ten, twelve kids. One of the nice things about moving to Ogden was Halloween here, with herds of kids, and their parents, walking the neighborhood, driving in from other parts of the city sometimes. The kids are fun, unfailingly polite and we get to chat a little with parents from other parts of town. Just an all around American holiday the way it's 'spozed to be.

And lots more fun, for us and from what I can see for the kids than "trunk or treats" [an Un-American idea if I ever heard one], not to mention fundie wing nuts trying to convince children and their parents that Halloween and Trick or Treating is the first fatal step on the slippery slope to atheism, satanism, vegetarianism and voting for Democrats.

Come on up to Ogden, next year, VOU. Halloween is alive and well here.

Anonymous said...

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