Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bloggers: Let's thank Greg Curtis

House Speaker Greg "19-vote" Curtis says voucher opponents should "thank" him, because "we've brought some finality to this issue." Good point. If you ever get sued and spend $100,000 in attorney fees before being vindicated by a jury, be sure and thank the guy who sued you for bringing finality to the issue.

Bloggers, let's thank Curtis in 2008 for all he's done for us:

  • For trying to force Patrick "I.Q." Byrne's personal agenda down our throats

  • For calling the U of U when it issued an objective study on vouchers 10 days before the election

  • For not calling the Sutherland Institute when it issued a pro-voucher "study" 10 days before the election

  • For back-dooring a soccer stadium deal that an even larger majority of voters didn't want

  • For double-dipping as a county employee, getting mileage reimbursement while driving a county car

  • For claiming there's no conflict of interest in legislators testifying before their own committees

  • For making a living suing local cities on behalf of real estate developers, and not seeing any conflicts there, either

  • For receiving 100 percent of his campaign funds last year from lobbyists and special interests

  • For only agreeing to hold off on more vouchers bills for the "next" session. Or maybe he just figures he won't be around after that.


    Jason The said...

    Does Mr. Curtis have an email address we might use to thank him personally?

    Anonymous said...

    Be nice.

    Voice of Utah said...