Sunday, November 04, 2007

I'm rich! My huge class action settlement

I'm probably not the only one who received an Important Legal Notice yesterday, informing me that a class action against Sears was being settled, and I'm getting a piece of the action!

Sears apparently failed for several years to ensure that its contractors installed anti-tip brackets on ovens purchased by suckers like me. Some intrepid advocates brought a class action lawsuit on our behalf, and voila! Under the settlement, we get to take time off work at our own expense for Sears to install the bracket that they should have installed in the first place. The lawyers get 17 million dollars.

Now if we could just install anti-tip brackets on class action lawyers...


Jesse Harris said...

That sounds like pretty much every class-action of the last 20 years. Remember the settlement from the Iomega "click of death" lawsuit involving their ZIP drives? Consumers got $5 off a new Iomega product. Woo.

Misty Fowler said...

Jesse, what about the one that Julia Roberts represented? We all know she's hot! I mean, she did the right thing!