Thursday, November 15, 2007

Matheson: "Timetable? We don't need no stinking timetable"

Once again, our DINO Jim Matheson has voted to stay President Bush's course in Iraq. Last night, Matheson was one of 10 Democrats who voted against the latest war funding bill because it is tied to a withdrawal of our troops by December 2008. (5 other Dems opposed the bill because it didn't cut off finding altogether.)

Polls show that a majority of Utahns finally now oppose this war. We know that Matheson's votes on major issues are all done with one eye -- both eyes, actually -- toward getting himself re-elected, but maybe he should actually check with his constituents before assuming their blind obedience to the president on this one.


Todd said...

Where's your approbation for Cannon & Bishop?

Matheson is keeping his word. He said during the campaign that he would not support a timetable.

I am one Democrat who supported him on that point then, and now.

The United States needs to get our troops out of Iraq, but making it more dangerous in doing so by telegraphing the timetable.

Pelosi and the other Democrats are doing what they can to pressure the President. I applaud their effort, but I still respect Congressman Matheson for his position and keeping faith with his consituents.

Voice of Utah said...

I have no expectations for Cannon and Bishop, not just because of their party affiliation, but because they are beyond redemption. We are both sick of Matheson kowtowing to whatever views he thinks will get him re-elected. We quit giving money to him, and last year neither of us voted for him. Right now, there are several Republicans that I would vote for over Matheson, and nearly any Democrat.

Jay said...

I generally like and agree with your postings, but you are 100% WRONG on Matheson. Give me one example of where he voted simply to get re-elected? You may disagree with him on some of his votes, but do you really think that he doesn't vote his conscience? His votes are conservative, but then again, so is he! He is a conservative Democrat and has never said otherwise. Has he flip-flopped on any issues that you can think of?

He is the only member of Utah's delegation that voted against the Patriot Act. He voted to expand SCHIP, stem cell research, a guest worker program and countless other Democratic programs. Would you prefer a Republican that would like to see those programs gutted? Just because you disagree with some of his votes does not give you the moral high ground to classify him, and other conservative democrats, as DINO's.

Voice of Utah said...

Okay: Habeas corpus/Guantanamo. There is no possible justification for that vote, other than that he thinks it's necessary to get re-elected.