Friday, November 09, 2007

Trib and D-News movie reviews: Not enough info?

We both read the movie reviews by Sean Means and Jeff Vice most Fridays. Often, though, reviews doesn't provide enough information. They summarize the plot, tell us whether it's confusing, well acted, and important stuff like that, but when it comes to sex and violence, they're sometimes vague. For example, this is from today's D-News review of P2:
"P2" is rated R for strong violence (a beating, stabbings, an animal attack, vehicular and explosive mayhem, and violence against women), graphic blood and gore, strong sexual language (including profanity, vulgar slang terms and other suggestive talk), brief drug content (chloroform), and brief sexual contact and a sexual assault.
Yikes! If we're going to spend hard earned money on a movie, we would rather it not be one with graphic violence or sex. But sometimes other people's definitions of "mayhem" don't match ours. Is the animal attack a dog jumping on someone who escapes, or does it chew someone's face off? What kind of "sexual assault"? A grope in an elevator, or something worse?

How do I know whether my sensibilities will be offended by this movie? Well, okay, this one seems pretty obvious. Others aren't, though. Call us prudes, but lately we've been using a 2-prong approach to movie selection: First, we read the Trib/D-News to see if it sounds interesting. Then, we go to Kids In It breaks down instances of sex and violence (and drug use and profanity) for current movies without spoiling the plot. Yes, some of the descriptions are pretty graphic, but they aren't sensationalized, and better to read it than be surprised with it after the ticket has been bought.

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