Monday, December 03, 2007

Marathon dreams: Half-way there!

VoU1 here. Back in March, I announced that I was going to get off my bloggerbutt and train for a marathon. The body was weak but the mind was willing, and this weekend, after nagging knee and achilles injuries, I ran completed a half-marathon.

I'm not very fast...

...but I did make it across the line 45 minutes under goal. (Granted, my goal for the half-marathon was the same as my running partner's goal for the full marathon, but that's beside the point.) Salt Lake Marathon, you will be mine!

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Tom Grover said...

Congrats. The accomplishment is not in the marathon itself, but the goal that lead you to complete the marathon. Things like this are a demonstration of human will and determination. It's good to read fellow blogger geeks get off their proverbial bloggerbutt.