Saturday, December 01, 2007

Potpourri of Utah politics

Geez, you go out of town and all sorts of things happen back on the farm. Some quick observations about local stories:

Porn task force halts abuse - from clues on computer photos, detective Steve Gamvroulas helped identify a 15-year-old rape victim and catch the perpetrator. Forget consensual stuff (by adults for adults); this is the kind of thing we should focus our anti-pornography efforts on.

Mayne hailed as champion of underprivileged - we're still upset about the death of Ed Mayne. He was friendly, compassionate - just everything. Heck, any man whose own wife runs against him for senate is our kind of guy. It's hard to say this, but I'm going to, because we both had the same thought when we first learned of Ed's lung cancer: the union hall. If you've ever been out there, the smell of cigarette smoke is overwhelming. We're worried that a lot of those guys are at risk. We hope not, but...

New law would let legislators with conflict get out of a vote - How about letting them get out of the committees where they have the conflict?

Utah's home prices looking better than other states' - of course, none of them are selling, but at least they look better.

Use of Taser 'reasonable' - the officer who Tasered the traffic-ticket guy felt "threatened," UHP says. We've seen the video. The driver may have been an idiot, but if that cop really felt threatened, then he's just a big old wimp.

Crunching Byrne - a letter writer notes that Patrick "Give Me Vouchers or Give Me Death" Byrne's has never seen a profit. Here's one summary of why Byrne is legendary in the business industry. Here's another, with actual excerpts from the famous "I'm not a gay cokehead" conference call. (For more, just Google "Sith Lord" and "Patrick Byrne." Seriously.)

3 arrested in stabbings at Halloween party in Sandy - glad to see Sandy City taking time out from writing tickets to, like, arrest someone. I wrote a post making fun of Sandy for not catching the Village Inn shooter (after announcing twice that they were about to), but VoU2 says it's in poor taste, so it hasn't gone up (yet...).

Short-handed Jazz get hot, rout Lakers - missed the game driving 35 mph in a snowstorm, but Jazz win, Lakers lose! Life is good.


The Senate Site said...

Good roundup. Senator Bramble is going to post an outline of his bill in the next few days. I think it's a good move. Would love to have your thoughts.

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