Monday, December 17, 2007

Regulating the D-News' sleazy behavior

In the biggest "Duh" of the season, the Trib reports that "The Utah Judicial Council on Monday approved a draft of a rule prohibiting news photographers from taking courtroom pictures of exhibits or documents that are not part of the official public record."

There shouldn't have to be a rule so basic, but the Deseret Morning News decided to be slimy and photograph a note written by Warren Jeffs at the defense table during his trial. The newspaper should have disciplined the photographer, but instead it enlarged the picture and hired a handwriting expert. Unethical much? What's next, having to issue a rule that the News can't rifle through attorneys' files and snap pictures during breaks in the trial?


The Senate Site said...

Surprising. But not really. Back in the days when men were strong and children were normal, LaVerkin outlawed the U.N., and we attended a town meeting there and saw a Trib [I think] photog use his telephoto lens to shoot confidential documents on the table. Doesn't do much for building trust.

Voice of Utah said...

That's appalling. This is just basic ethics (or lack thereof).