Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Why Mitt supporters don't care about illegal landscapers

Big surprise, Mitt Romney's landscaper still hires illegal immigrants, even after Romney took heat for it last year. It's a fun story, but does it really bother his supporters, or any GOP diehards, for that matter?

I had lunch with a political observer last week who said, "Republicans don't care (about hiring illegal immigrants). They all do it." It sure seems like it. One GOP friend and Mitt supporter flips houses on the side, and the first thing he does is round up illegal immigrants at one of the local gathering places. At least two others -- also Mitt supporters -- have housekeepers they know aren't legal. Another has a nanny who wouldn't be happy to see ICE.

So, are these guys hypocrites, or are fewer Republicans really upset about illegal immigrants than media coverage would have us believe?

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JM Bell said...

Olberman stated a poll that said it's #6 on the GOP voter importance list with a percentage in the teens.

I figure that the anti-Mexican (yeah, I said Mexican because most of the GOP chuckleheads think that all illegals are from Mexico) are the really squeaky wheel.

The "pro-lifers" haven't killed anyone with a bomb lately to grab their tragically ironic headlines and, lets face it, talking taxes is boring and calling Democrats "Tax and Spenders" just isn't accurate anymore.

Since the "Southern Racism" against African-Americans is just not the "in thing" in Klan circles anymore, and the members of the GOP willing to go on the record about how well Iraq is going, the majority of volume and recourses is flowing to the race-hate-intolerance groups that think illegals are spreading leprosy.

I would like to go on the record, though, as being anti-leprosy. I'm against it and I think we should do whatever it takes to wipe leprosy off the face of the Earth. Attack leprosy (not lepers, though, that's not cool) before it attacks us!