Thursday, January 24, 2008

Are Barack/Hillary backers fighting in Utah, too?

A co-worker strolled into the lunchroom the other day and asked who I supported in the presidential campaign. Except for a slight nod to John McCain, we agreed that there isn't a palatable GOP option this time around. Turning to the Democrats, I shrugged. "I'm leaning toward Hillary," I said, "but I'd be happy with any of the three of them." My friend likes Edwards' focus on poverty, but thinks Obama might be a, er, uniter. (Funny how our president has turned certain words into jokes, like that one and "mission accomplished.")

We both have minor concerns about each candidate, but figure that any of the Dems would be better than anyone on the GOP slate. In fact, the fantasy of a Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket practically makes our heads explode.

But over on Huffington Post and other national sites, Hillary and Obama backers are at each others' throats. It's weird. They practically foam at the mouth, declaring that they would never vote for not-their candidate, which is a head scratcher. What are they going to do, not vote, increasing the chances that a Republican will stay in office in a close election? Vote for a third-party candidate, with the same risk? (Ralph Nader, anyone?) Vote for a Republican? Other than McCain, that thought makes me queasy this time. Back in 2000, I actually said out loud, "Gore, Bush, I don't think it really matters." Lesson learned.

Are Hillary and Obama backers in Utah spitting at each other, too? If so, I'm glad I haven't made it to any local campaign events. I'd rather remain blissfully ignorant, happy that, for once, we have an embarrassment of riches on the Democratic ticket.

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