Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The dumbest thing to do with a gun

The annual body count may not reach that of hunters who mistake their friends for deer, but there is still one thing that gun owners do that is dumber than accidentally shooting each other: Firing guns to celebrate a holiday.

VoU2's neighborhood is treated to a cacophony of shotguns and whatnot every New Year, and sometimes Independence Day. Granted, the "no guns" warnings don't seem to be as prominent as the "no-fireworks" warnings are in summer, but should you have to tell someone not to be stupid? As a woman and girl in Colorado and an 11-year-old boy in Florida are no longer here to tell us, what goes up -- like, say, a bullet -- must come down. As for VoU2: stay away from the windows.


Curmudgeon said...

Same in New Orleans on New Year's eve. Lots of celebratory gunfire up into the sky and periodically, people a ways away get killed when the stuff comes down. I notice that of the various [very low] fences you have to jump through to get a carry permit here in the Gret Stet of Zion, demonstrating that you possess at least as much intelligence as God gave to an oyster is not among them.

WP said...

Maybe it is some sort of ego thing. Saddam used to shoot off his AK's on many occasions and look where he ended up.

oussan said...

I served in Iraq from '03 to '04 and always got a bit of a kick out of the celebratory gunfire that would light up the sky over Baghdad following a big victory by the Iraq national soccer team.

Celebratory gunfire also followed the capture of Saddam for several nights, which made that particular event unique.

The tracer rounds flying heavenward were strangely beautiful to watch, but those bullets do in fact come down and we all took extra precautions on those nights to avoid any accidental contact.

As for the gunfire in your neighborhood, Karl Malone said it best last night on his Nightside radio blog: "Being an idiot is the number one cause of stupidity in the United States." Celebratory gunfire is stupid, point blank.

The Senate Site said...

Dumb question for anyone that might know: if you shoot straight up - or some angle close to straight up - the bullet would have a killing velocity for most of it's way up, but would lose it as it slowed down and started to fall back to the ground, right? Do any physicists read Voice of Utah? I don't really want to test it....

(Yes, I own a rifle. No, I've never shot it into the air out of sheer joy. I've just never been that happy.)


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