Saturday, February 16, 2008

Barack 'Hussein' Obama? Come on, Utah bloggers

I usually enjoy reading the blogs on the right side of the Bloghive aisle, even when I don't agree with them. Perhaps like the mother of the proverbial ugly baby -- I said ugly baby -- I like to feel that Utah's political blogpool is especially sophisticated and literate. Lately, however, a few of our blogger brethren can't seem to resist the silly Rush Limbaughian tactic of using Barack Obama's middle name (Hussein!!!!!!!!!!!!) as a form of pseudo-condemnation.

There have been others, but today I'm talking to you, Reach Upward. I was interested in your argument about why mandated health care is counterintuitive, but I couldn't get past the head shaking when you led off with Barack Hussein (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Obama. It's hard to read text when your eyes are rolling. "OMG!! Like, can you believe that guy's middle name?!!!! I mean, like, he's totally a terrorist or something!"

This middle name silliness just makes people like me want to vote for Obama even more. Hmm . . . nevermind. Keep doing it.


David said...

I think Reach Upward was using the middle name to emphasize the irony that the Senator listed as being the most liberal and being derided by conservatives for all his lofty rhetoric and his middle name has a more conservative health care plan than our own infallible governor.

I'd say cut Reach some slack because he has a long track record of not dipping into name calling and other such silliness.

Jason The said...


I think you give Reach too much credit on this one.

I had much the same reaction when reading it. Writing it the way it was written seemed petty and irrelevant to the topic being discussed, which removed all credibility on the writer's part from my mind, and I moved on to something hopefully more substantial.

rmwarnick said...

Ann Coulter invariably says "B. Hussein Obama" and a few people think she's witty and clever. She also supported Willard Milton Romney, who paid $1 million a delegate and still lost.