Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Buttars, butt out

Utah Senator Chris Buttars (R-Pluto) is once again proving why we can't trust most of our state legislators. During the anti-gay Amendment 3 campaign a few years ago, the Amendment's pushers kept assuring voters that it would not prevent gay couples from receiving partnership benefits, the ability to visit a partner in the hospital, etc. That mattered to some. A close friend of mine, for example, voted for Amendment 3 because he did not want gay men: (1) adopting children, or (2) getting married. "I think they should get benefits and all that," he said. "That's not affected by this Amendment."

That was then. Some of us said Amendment backers were lying about their real aims at the time, and now Chris Buttars has proved us right. We all know that Buttars is obsessed with homosexuality. But now he says that Salt Lake City's new registry is contrary to the "spirit" of Amendment 3. Not the wording, mind you; just the undisclosed -- misrepresented -- intent of backers.

It's none of the legislature's business what Salt Lake City chooses to do for its residents. If this bill passes, we had better not hear one word from this legislature about the federal government imposing its will on the state. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

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