Friday, February 22, 2008

A Buttars puzzle (literally)

We're trying something new, a homemade puzzle to test your knowledge of our own Sen. Chris Buttars. Can you solve it? Go to the link, make sure it's maximized, click on the puzzle to activate it, and see how you do. (You can also ask for hints or just hit the Solve button.)

Meanwhile, our daily Appalling Buttars Fact is a letter on official letterhead lambasting a 4th District Court Judge for ruling against a friend of the senator. If that doesn't warrant censure by the Senate, what the heck will it take?


Jeremy said...

Thank you for some fun entertainment on a sleepless Saturday morning!

Anonymous said...

HOW CLEVER. A MEDIA DIS-INFO OPERATION. Now I’m startng to get it, ……..yeah..okay.

The deviant sex practitioners conspired with their media allies (with a wink from local dems) to attack Buttars on any trumped up pretext in order derail the deviant sex marriage bill.

Good one…fake up a claim of racism…after all that is the kiss of death. That would scare anyone. The deviant sex media types and their supporters start using the big lie technique developed by the german nazis.

I t doesn’t matter that Buttars didn”t say anything improper…..because a carefully orchestrted media distortion op will keep the dumb masses in a state of congitive dissonace.

But here is the bad part: Some of the public are not quite so stupid. They might even be making a list of the cooperative media outfits for future reference. What if they find out about our “free” (free from anticompetive regulation championed by Theodore Rossevelt) media is not so free after all?

After all, the controlled media is going down the tubes financially just through lack of quality and intelligence by staff.

JMD said...

I posted something about Butters telling the Senate not to vote for his bill a couple of minutes, came over to this site and started ready the canned response from anon here when it turned around and posted the exact same comments to my blog. Guy doesn't even have the mental capacity to change the wording or anything.

Jason The said...

Great idea. I learned a few new things about Buttars too.

And good point on censure.

Tom said...

Your picture/caption of Sen. Valentine had me laughing out loud. Good job!

.. and yeah, the letter and the official letterhead it was written on is embarrassing. Why not a censure?