Friday, February 15, 2008

The D-News and Doug Wright turn up the heat on Buttars

In case anyone missed it, this morning's D-News has a blunt editorial suggesting that Senator Chris Buttars -- "Nutter Buttars" -- should not run for re-election, based on his long history of hurtful and inappropriate remarks. Columnist Bob Bernick has a similar column, as did the Trib yesterday.

This morning, popular KSL talk show host Doug Wright said he agrees with those editorials. Wright said that, every time he hears Buttars' name associated with something, he is immediately "leery." He wonders how divisive it is will be, and how much of the 45-day session will be wasted on it.

Even people on his own side of the aisle see that Buttars is a bad guy. Do the right thing, Nutter, and go serve a mission somewhere. We just have one request: When you make the next inevitable racist or homophobic comment, please don't tell them you're from Utah.


Anonymous said...

The republicans have been working hard to dig up the dirt on Obama now that he is the front runner.

Chris Buttars is holding a press conference today to announce that he has it on good authority, that Obama has fathered [not one but] two black babies.

JM Bell said...

Great joke, Anon, but Colbert's delivery was much better when he did that last month.