Friday, February 08, 2008

Does anybody like Greg Curtis (besides Dave Checketts)?

House Speaker Greg Curtis's name was taken in vain at a recent right-wing roundtable (would that be wingding?) at the Sutherland Institute, according to this article in Wednesday's Daily Herald:

"There's a huge disconnect between conservative principles and conservative politics," said Enid Greene Mickelsen, a former U.S. congresswoman and former Utah Republican Party chairwoman. Then she got specific: "Greg Curtis is not conservative," she said of Utah's Speaker of the House.
. . .
The soccer stadium deal in Sandy, Curtis's stomping ground, was a favorite target. Local governments didn't want to subsidize the project, but then the state's "conservative" government stepped in and handed over $35 million.

"They weren't breaking even and the taxpayers helped them get over the hump," said Sutherland president Paul Mero, who added that conservative leaders were wearing team jerseys at the news conference and were proud of it.
And what will you actually do about it? Zip. But hey, at least the Sutherland Institute is finding things to occupy itself these days. Those daily pro-voucher studies were a blogger's best friend.


Anonymous said...

I like greg curtis, and I think you should probably get your facts straight before you post some idiot comments. I guess you could listen to old washed up UTAH politicians but when did we start taking politicans words before straight up facts.

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