Friday, February 08, 2008

To the rescued: please don't say it was because you prayed

We were thrilled when Kearns couple Tamitha and Tom Garner were found alive, and are enthralled by their resourcefulness and determination. But we feel impelled to comment on one of Mr. Garner's quotes:

"I would definitely say that this has made me a believer in prayer,” said Thomas. “To whomever you pray to. But if you do, and you do it diligently and with sincerity; your prayers will be answered.”
Most people who fear they are going to die would be praying up a storm. So would their families. And that's our concern. When someone says, "if you pray diligently and with sincerity, your prayers will be answered," what does that imply about all the people whose prayers were not answered? Does that mean that Camille Cleverley's family just weren't diligent or sincere enough when they prayed that she would be found alive? Is the same true for Garrett Bardsley and his family? Destiny Norton's family? Samantha Mikewell's?

Of course that isn't what Mr. Garner means. He and his wife seem like nice people. But every time we hear someone say that they were found or rescued because they or their family prayed hard enough or sincerely enough (unlike the others), we cringe a little.

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derekstaff said...

Yep, that attitude has always bugged me as well. Those whose prayers aren't answered obviously weren't faithful enough. It just isn't rational. Kind of like the whole "I succeeded through the grace of God," and "I'm struggling with my election campaign because of the opposition of Satan." How do you know those propositions aren't reversed? Trying to ascribe our mortal endeavors that directly to the will of God raises some serious questions.