Monday, March 10, 2008

I am proof that the GOP is in big trouble

One of us was deeply touched recently to receive a "special honor" from the National Republican Congressional Committee. That's right; I have been nominated by the Committee to receive the -- wait, I need a moment -- the Congressional Order of Merit. Gosh. You work hard all your life, and then, finally, you get the big payoff, and all it takes is a "special contribution" of $25 or more
to ensure that the NRCC has the maximum funds necessary to regain our Republican House majority and keep the White House in Republican hands.
(Shouldn't that be the minimum funds necessary?)

I won't forget all the little bloggers I met on my way up. But don't just take my word for my wonderfulness; take the Committee's word:
Here at the National Republican Congressional Committee we hold special friends like you in the highest regard.
I thought Amendment 3 did away with "special friends" . . .

Few individuals can match your proven devotion to our country,
Ah, they got my affidavits.
your unfailing commitment to President Bush,
Um . . .
and your dedication to the continued success of the Republican Party.
Really? Few individuals can match me in their dedication to the success of the Republican Party? If that's true, can you say 'landslide'...?


rmwarnick said...

Too bad you've been so successful. If you screw up monumentally they award you a Presidential Medal of Freedom, like Paul Bremer, Tommy Franks and George Tenet.

Jared said...

Hey they might even make you president!

The Senate Site said...

Just don't forget your real friends back home.