Thursday, March 13, 2008

Paul Mero shows a sense of humor (send us your photos!)

In response to this morning's post about the Sutherland Institute, a not-infrequent target of barbs on this blog, director Paul Mero showed some good humor by offering to send us a new photo to use in our future, er, analyses. Yea! We do want to avoid monotony in using the same photo every time we, er, analyze, even if our interpretation of what he is saying varies.

Politicians and other blogworthy subjects, send us your photo! We pledge to feature it prominently on some future occasion. An action photo is best, but we'll take head-and-shoulders. Actually, we'll take any interesting local pic, camera bugs. You never know when it may become integral to a story of the day. Meanwhile, we'll express our appreciation by pilfering a different photo of Mr. Mero from the Amicus:


Paul Mero said...

Man that's a good-looking guy! I emailed you an even more up-to-date photo.

BTW, do you notice the broken pinky figure in the photo? That's from an altercation with a blogger who made fun of me! Be careful. (Actually, I broke it trying to play b-ball with my boys...and was too embarrassed to go to our family doctor about it...he's already told me I'm too old to act young on the b-ball court!)

Voice of Utah said...

I did see the pinky. I thought it might be a secret 'think tank' code or something...