Friday, March 14, 2008

Utah legislators' next subpoena: the LDS Church?

As we know, the Utah House of Representatives has branched out into criminal investigations, since that wussy Attorney General's office apparently won't do it. 45 House members have demanded SUWA's financial records because an ex-trustee and treasurer of the organization were convicted of fraud.

We are presently compiling a list of other organizations whose finances should be next under this standard. Of course, first on the House's list will have to be the LDS Church. As this morning's D-News pointed out, a lot of fraud in Utah is committed by bishops and other persons in positions of trust within the Church:

"It is very prevalent," said Charlene Barlow, the Utah attorney general's section chief over financial crimes. "I have victims that sit here and they say, 'I can't believe I was so stupid. But you know, he was a church member. He was in my ward. He was my bishop.'"

That investigation may take a while. Let us know when you're through, House Squad; we should have the rest of your list ready by then.

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