Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Did Sandy get outmaneuvered on the "Broadway" theater?

Noticed two interesting things in the news today:

In the first article, Sandy City council member Steve Smith dared to buck Mayor Tom "almost lost my last election" Dolan, suggesting that maybe Sandy should admit that "calling the theater privately funded is 'just semantics' because ultimately Sandy would be paying off the developer's loan," while another councilman suggested that maybe the city should figure out how much it's going to cost city residents before adding more parking problems to the city.

In the second article, the Deseret News announced that Salt Lake City will announce tomorrow that a 2,400-seat Broadway-style theater is to be built downtown on Regent Street. Expected at Mayor Becker's press conference are Governor Huntsman and Bishop Burton with the LDS Church. Hmm... Did Salt Lake City finally get one over on Dolan? Can Greg Curtis intervene in time? Stay tuned.


Jesse Harris said...

I'm glad you're posting again.

Jeremy said...

Me too! Thanks for blogging again!

Rob said...

Me three! Glad you're back and kicking.

Voice of Utah said...

Thanks, guys. Glad to be back in the 'hive!