Tuesday, October 28, 2008

KSL radio 1-4 p.m. -- required listening (for some)

When it comes to political pundits, VoU2 and I agree on a lot: Neither one of us can stand Keith Olbermann or Bill O'Reilly. We both like Rachel Maddow. But one area where we don't see eye to eye is listening to KSL Radio (102.7 FM) in the afternoon.

Sitting in my office this afternoon, I am enjoying my daily Sean Hannity. I love listening to him as he gets more and more panicked. It makes me laugh. VoU2, on the other hand, can't abide one syllable of his grating voice.

I have tried to explain:

VoU1: "It's pretty funny; he's just flailing around because
there's nothing he can do."

VoU2: "I don't care."

Some of today's gems:
  • An African American expresses concern that he does not feel welcome by the Republican Party, and Hannity is incredulous. After all, he says, the GOP is "the party of Lincoln."
  • A woman can't figure out why the American people "don't seem to care about Obama's past associations." Hannity admits that it's because this stuff is all b.s. Ok, not really - he agrees with her that it's "obvious" and is mystified as to why "thinking people" don't seem to agree.
  • He tells an Obama supporter that he is "getting off track" and needs to "focus with me here" when the caller starts praising Obama's tax plan.
  • Says Obama "wants to turn America into France or worse." Worse than France? Like what, Sweden?
  • Played the song "More than a woman, more than a woman to me" after a call from a male Obama supporter. See, that's why I listen--intelligent debate.

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