Friday, October 31, 2008

Sorry, Horiuchi, you're just too - what is the word?

'Corrupt' is probably too strong. And 'special-interestized' doesn't get past my spell check. I guess we'll borrow the characterization made by a Democratic lunch companion the other day: "In the pocket of developers."

This lifelong Democrat was a little chagrined at admitting that he had voted for Horiuchi, but he had a specific reason he couldn't get out of. We understand. We used to vote for Horiuchi, enthusiastically in fact, but the list of questionable transactions just got too tiresome.

We would prefer a 5-4 Democratic majority on the council, but we can't vote for someone whose integrity we seriously question. This DeBry guy might be a novice, but right now, Horiuchi's experience is the bigger problem.


Anonymous said...

You think Horiuchi is in the pocket of developers then wait and see what a disaster DeBry will be. Have you heard this guy? Horiuchi has done so much for Salt Lake County, and just because he tries to help anyone who asks doesn't mean he is in anyone's pockets.

Anonymous said...

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