Tuesday, November 18, 2008

School board "winner" Bateman: I forgot where I was going to live

The winner of today's "Yeah, Right" Award: State School Board sort-of-member Kyle Bateman, who suddenly realized he wasn't qualified, residence-wise, to actually be on the board. "Is my face red," Bateman says. "It never occurred to me to think about whether I lived in the right district before I swore under oath that I lived in the right district."

For someone who has been on a Planning Commission, he sure doesn't plan very well (unless you listen to skeptics who think he planned it perfectly: Stay on the ballot until after the election, resign at the last possible moment, and thereby keep a bona fide candidate off the list).

You know how it goes - sometimes there's just something niggling at the back of your mind. "What was it . . . what was it . . . oh, yeah - I'm running for an office I'm not qualified for! Oh, well, I'll think about that tomorrow..."


Natalie said...

The fact that these actions kept Mr. Richards, the most qualified candidate, off the ballot is a travesty. The state school board nominating process needs to be fixed.

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