Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Nutter Buttars: "Happy Hanukkah" or else

A few years ago, while chatting with an acquaintance, I asked if her company had a Sub-for-Santa program. Yes, she said, but "We call it something else. Two of our partners are Jewish." Oh, yeah. There is more than one religion in Utah. I forget sometimes.

So does Sen. Chris Buttars (R-Outer Space), who feels it is a worthy use of taxpayer time and money to have the State of Utah tell private retailers how to word their ads. (Forget about Church and State, how about separation of Private Business and State?) "I'm sick of this "Merry Christmas" stuff," Buttars said. "Not everyone is Christian. I insist that retailers say 'Happy Hanukkah,' at least every fifth time or so, or face the wrath of the Legislature. Also, I don't like '2-for-1.' Retailers should say 'half-off.' In fact, just fax me your proposed ad copy."

I may be confused about the details, but as a non-Jew, I just don't see why I should be forced to run ads that say "Happy Hanukkah." Where's the respect for my faith?

More fundamentally, don't our state legislators have better things to do than doofy message bills? Oh, wait--I forgot who we were talking about.


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