Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sen. John Valentine: I didn't want a position, I just had a temper tantrum

I used to think that Sen. John Valentine (R-Utah County) was one of the better ones, and that I might actually support him if I ever lived in his district (in other words, if he ran for statewide office). But then he completely sold out on the Hilder / Court of Appeals issue. As a lawyer, he knew that Hilder was qualified for the position, but he still joined 15 torch-carrying colleagues in voting No. This morning, four senators have a totally persuasive letter in the Trib insisting that no one -- naught one, I tell you! -- voted against Hilder in exchange for committee positions.

That's right. According to Sen. Lyle Hillyard, Valentine actually voted against Hilder because Valentine was in a snit, or, as my mother would have said, having a maddy. In a recent Senate Site post, Hillyard said that Valentine was going to vote for Hilder, but then Hilder went and ticked him off.

So Valentine would have voted for the qualified guy, except that he was insulted? That's the best he can come up with? "I didn't do it for power, I was just pouting." That's even worse than saying he did it to curry favor with the gun nuts. It reminds me of something a lawyer friend once said: "If the best your client can argue is 'I didn't do it intentionally, I was just stupid,' you've got problems."


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