Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sen. Valentine starts to redeem himself

Some of us who followed the Senate's torch-and-pitchfork confirmation hearings with Judge Robert Hilder were rather dismayed with Sen. John "He Hurt My Feelings" Valentine, who acknowledged that Hilder was qualified for the position, but voted no because Hilder had supposedly been disrespectful to the villagers.

Valentine is partially redeeming himself by proposing a well-needed regulation of communications with judges by senators. Last year, for example, Sen. Chris Buttars sent a rant on Senate letterhead to a Fourth District Court judge who ruled against a friend of Buttars'. As described in the Trib, Valentine's resolution would set parameters, such as requiring such contact to be done openly and after the resolution of the case.

These restrictions would preserve the integrity of the judicial system, respect the concept of separation of powers doctrine, and make sense. Ergo, they are doomed.


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