Saturday, March 14, 2009

Once again, Mormons fall for a "low risk, high return" scam

I know this happens with all affinity frauds, that someone uses a claimed affiliation with a church or entity to sucker fellow members. But good grief, how many times are Mormons going to fall for the "42 percent annual return with little or no risk" line? Yes, these people are victims, and yes, the guy (if guilty) is a scumbag, but it's getting harder to muster up sympathy for people who either don't read the daily accounts of "too good to be true" scams, or somehow think they are entitled to high returns with low risk. Good grief.


bekkieann said...

No sympathy from me either. Pure greed got them into trouble. Mormons believe God wants them to be very successful financially -- so they can pay more tithing to build up the Kingdom of God on Earth faster. It never surprises me the lengths to which they will go to accomplish that lofty goal.

Nick said...

No sympathy whatsoever for a group of people who (to quote my LDS parents) "would rather be told everything to say & do rather than make decisions for themselves."
Mormons typically will do anything as long as it has a Mormon connection.
Many people are legitimately victims of cons every day, but if you have fallen for a con simply because the person offering claims a connection with your church, it is your own fault for not using your head.

eda said...




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