Friday, May 01, 2009

Wow - the Minuteman guy finally admits it's about brown skin

It's always interesting when the Minutemen guys say that their illegal immigration obsession isn't just anti-brown-skin racism. "Yeah, right," one thinks. "That's why your bunch lies in wait on the website praying that the next mug shot will have a slightly darker tone."

This morning, the Tribune's article about the Church's declination to become a law enforcement agency contained a remarkable admission:

Some LDS members are seriously questioning their faith as the church continues to recognize undocumented immigrants as worthy of baptism, temple entrance and missionary work while one of the faith's founding principles is to obey all laws, said Eli Cawley, chairman of the anti-illegal immigration Utah Minuteman Project.

"The risk that the church runs by supporting illegal aliens is
the risk of alienating their own white membership," Cawley said.

And there it is. It's about the skin color. It probably doesn't hurt to admit it, as we suspect most people already had formed that conclusion.

P.S. Cawley, anyone whose faith is so shallow that it can't handle one disagreement with the Church on immigration law - which has no religious or Biblical overtones -- has a bigger problem.


Frank Staheli said...

Cawley says that "some LDS members are questioning their faith".

I suppose 1 person--Cawley--can be considered "some". I oppose illegal immigration, but I also support Christlike living. Cawley appears at first blush to be a doofus.

The last paragraph in the article you linked to says it best:
"Even if they didn't weigh in [on federal immigration reform], we don't need the church to say we need to practice Christian values," Clara said. "There is no scripture saying we have to check immigration status to make the determination to love our neighbors."

MikeD said...

Yep, one person makes a stupid comment and you use that as proof positive that all those opposed to illegal immigration are racists. If the LDS Church were excluding illegal immigrants you would be crying "racist" about them.
Isn't it great that anyone can have a blog no matter how biased they are?

Voice of Utah said...

Mike D,

Your comment might give me pause, except for the fact that the person being quoted was a designated *representative* of the organization. Unless and until the Minuteman organization disavows his comments (which has not happened), it seems quite appropriate to ascribe his motives to the organization for which he was designated to speak.

P.S. Yes, it is great.

UtahTeacher said...

I don't know if you caught the June 8th protest by Cawley and his crew of "fewer than 20" white guys.

He proudly explains that he assumes all Hispanics are illegal and tells himself that's how everyone else thinks too. He and his friends yelled at some passing Latino construction workers and then tried to convince the cops watching the Minutemen protest to go and arrest the workers on suspicion of being brown.

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