Friday, June 12, 2009

Southern Utahns: The law is the law! (Except the ones we don't like)

There's probably a diagnostic code in the DSM for someone who voluntarily reads comments on the forums (masochist comes to mind). I am often scared amazed at the sheer hostility exhibited by posters there, but at least they're consistent, I told myself.

Not so. On the artifact-indictment case, we are mystified by the number of people shrugging, "Everyone does it," or "It's a dumb law," criticizing the government for enforcing the law and even blaming the prosecutors for the apparent suicide of indictee (and alleged recidivist), Dr. James Redd. In many instances, these are the same posters who screech, "THE LAW IS THE LAW!!!!!!!!!" every time some liberal scofflaw declines to kick an illegal immigrant in the shin.

This pick-and-choose attitude makes me suspect that many "Law is the Law" screamers probably violate laws left and right just because they don't like them. I guess I'll make a list of laws to read and decide whether I like them, starting with the most inconvenient ones, of course.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sen. Hatch almost does something newsworthy

Slow news day? That's the assumption when one sees a Tribune article about something that Sen. Orrin Hatch almost did that would warrant an article if he had done it, which he didn't.

Sen. Hatch almost hit a pedestrian. He did the same thing that every one of us has experienced at one time or the other: come uncomfortably close to an unseen bicyclist or pedestrian with our car, and then stress about how close it was. He even reported the non-event to Capitol security. He wasn't drunk, he wasn't speeding, it was raining -- this is newsworthy how...?

Utah's home-developer welfare bill: as hypocritical as it looks?

We're still amazed that our state legislators, who purport to decry government spending for private purposes, happily gifted their real-estate developer buddies with an almost gone $6,000 taxpayer-funded incentive for the purchase of new, unlived-in homes (i.e., for developers, not the poor schmucks trying to sell their existing homes).

Other than the dollar amounts, how is this different philosophically from the much-lambasted bailouts? Ivory Homes, etc., overbuilt and made unfortunate business decisions, so now they're getting taxpayer assistance. Sounds familiar...

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Herbert's Lt. Gov - the dumbest Trib poll yet

On its website, the Salt Lake Tribune runs periodic "polls" to drum up clicks. I have never felt the urge to vote, but often find that I would not choose any of its options anyway, and they never offer None of the Above. This morning is a good example. The poll says:

My first thought -- "A conservative to get through convention, because that's all that matters in a statewide race" -- isn't a choice; nor is "a conservative whose views are not consistent with the majority of Utahns." I would be hard pressed to choose between those two.